In Bloom

Fruit Ale / Alc. 3.9% Vol

The marriage of fresh strawberry aromas and a crisp, tart flavour lends itself perfectly to this refreshing fruit-inspired ale. Expect a lightly acidic finish that rounds out the upfront fruity sweetness. A pink tinge on the foam and beer reflects our use of actual strawberries, added during fermentation. The use of real fruit in this beer means that it won’t drop bright; this is expected and does not affect the beer’s quality.

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Beer type Fruit Ale
Malts Pale, Wheat malt
Hops Warrior
Colour24 EBC
ABV Alc. 3.9% Vol
Serve at11-13°c
Allergens Malted barley, wheat
Vegan no
Fill 1 Copy 5
Hop Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5
Malt Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5