Fruited Sour / ALC. 4.2% Vol

We're not saying it's got more in common with alcoholic fruit juice than most beers… but we're also not not saying that; containing more than 30% mango, passionfruit and pink guava, this fruity number screams summer and tropical vibes. Fermentation with a lactic acid-producing yeast strain yields clear, sharp acidity, to perfectly balance its rich, pillowy mouthfeel thanks to all that fruit and a grain bill with 60% wheat and oats!

Brew by James & Jon

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  • keg


Beer type Fruited Sour
Malts Extra pale, wheat malt, oat malt, flaked oats
Hops Warrior
Colour6 EBC
ABV ALC. 4.2% Vol
Serve at6-8°c
Allergens Malted barley, wheat, oats
Vegan Yes
Fill 1 Copy 5
Hop Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5
Malt Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5