Party Party

Christmas Red Ale / Alc. 4.8% Vol

Celebrate the good times with Party Party,This hoppy red ale has been imbued with a festive character thanks to a lavishing of specialty malts and a generous garnishing of Lotus hops to host a flavour soiree of rich malt, orange, vanilla and winter cheer. Party? Party!

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Beer type Christmas Red Ale
Malts Pale, Red X, Dextrin, Torrefied Wheat, Special X, Crystal 400
Hops Pilgrim, Lotus
Colour40 EBC
ABV Alc. 4.8% Vol
Serve at11-13°c
Allergens Malted barley, wheat
Vegan no
Fill 1 Copy 5
Hop Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5
Malt Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5