Slam Dunk

Imperial Brown Ale / Alc. 7.0% Vol

Combining two great loves, biscuits and beer; three if you count hitting things with hammers. This special brew is an update of an old favourite from my past, featuring real bourbon and digestive biscuits. This gives a unique mix of toasty, malty and hints of chocolate, balanced by robust bitterness. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea on the side (Yorkshire tea for preference).

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  • keg


Beer type Imperial Brown Ale
Malts Pale, Crystal Rye, Crystal 150, Brown, Black, Wheat Malt, Bourbon Biscuits, Digestive Biscuits
Hops Admiral
Colour35 EBC
ABV Alc. 7.0% Vol
Serve at6-8°c
Allergens Malted barley, wheat
Vegan Yes
Fill 1 Copy 5
Hop Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5
Malt Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5