Winter Weiss

Dunkelweizen / Alc. 6.0% Vol

Winter Weiss takes a classic wheat beer usually enjoyed in the summer months and tweaks things for a hearty festive experience. Laced with darker malts for a more robust colour and biscuit sweetness. The addition of bitter orange peel adds to an aroma of cloves and citrus which complements hints of caramel and banana for a truly tasty beer.

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  • keg


Beer type Dunkelweizen
Malts Vienna, wheat, light melanoidin, oat malt, crystal 240, carafa special III, bitter orange peel
Hops Northern Brewer, Hallertau Hersbrucker
Colour50 EBC
ABV Alc. 6.0% Vol
Serve at6-8°c
Allergens Malted barley, wheat, oats
Vegan Yes
Fill 1 Copy 5
Hop Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5
Malt Intensity
Fill 1 Copy 5